Valheim Weapon Tier List: March 2021

Photo Courtesy of Iron Gate

Valheim players should wield a strong weapon when battling the monsters of the tenth Norse World. Depending on your preference of weapon style, here are our favorite selections for each type of weapon in Valheim.

Best Sword to Use

Silver Sword, Blackmetal swords

The Blackmetal sword is one of the most powerful weapons in Valheim, which also makes it one of the most sought after. However, with a bit more bonus damage to undead enemies at the sacrifice of less base damage, the Silver sword is equally great to wield.

Best Mace:


One of the most suprising advantages of the Porcupine Mace in Valheim is that it generates light, so in a pinch, you can use it as a decent torch. However, the main use of the weapon comes as a weapon, and its high damage rating and blunt damage make it last well into the game towards the end against most enemies.

Best Spear

The Fang Spear

The Fang Spear can be used to keep a distance from enemies while dealing damage, as well as be thrown to catch enemies from a far. Additionally, it doesn't cosr as much resources to craft, making it a strong, early game weapon.

Best Knife

Blackmetal Knife

Blackmetal can bring you some of the most powerful weapons in Valheim, and one of these is the Knife. Small in size, the Blackmetal knife is deadly in close range and using the lunging special attack, you can one-shot some of the toughest enemies in your travels. The Blackmetal knife is fearsome and ferocious.

Best Sledgehammer

Iron Sledge

The Iron Sledge is similar to the Stagbreaker wooden sledgehammer, but more effective. It requires buyable Ymir Flesh from Haldor the Merchant, but once built this weapon posses massive power with a great area of effect.

Best Bow

Draugr Fang Bow

For those archers in Valheim, the Draugr Fang bow is essential to your weapons arsenal. Combined with its excellent firepower, you can deal poison to every non-elemental arrow you shoot, which deals additional damage-over-time to enemies.

Best Polearm

Blackmetal Atgeir

For a ranged advantage similar to a spear, look no further than the Blackmetal Atgeir. What it may lack in mobility in combat it makes up for with its reach and power. Additionally, the Atgeir posses an area-of-effect attack that can help take out enemies that have you surrounded.