Valheim Wolf Fur Cape: How to Get

How to craft the Wolf Fur Cape in Valheim
How to craft the Wolf Fur Cape in Valheim / Photo by Iron Gate Studio

Valheim features an abundance of armor options that you can craft from materials found in the procedurally generated Viking world. The Wolf Fur Cape is a classic piece of Viking attire that can be crafted in the game. It is not only stylish but gives the wearer enhanced durability and protection from the cold.

Before you are able to craft a Wolf Fur Cape, you will need to hunt down several wolves to obtain enough pelts. You will also need a Workbench to craft the item once you have the necessary materials. Wolves can be found in the Mountain biome of a Valheim map.

To craft a Wolf Fur Cape you will need Silver, Wolf Pelts, and a Wolf Trophy. Silver can be smelted from Silver Ore in a Smelter, while pelts and trophies can be acquired by hunting wolves. You can learn the recipes for crafting all items on Valheim's official wiki.

Valheim Wolf Fur Cape: How to Get

Here are the exact requirements for crafting a Wolf Fur Cape:

  • 4 Silver
  • 6 Wolf Pelts
  • 1 Wolf Trophy

Once you have these items you can craft a Wolf Fur Cape at the Workbench. While having standard Armor stats, The Wolf Fur Cape has a base Durability stat of 1000 that increases as it levels up. It is also resistant to the effects of Frost in the Mountain biome, but this is negated if the cape gets wet.

Valheim is a Viking survival game currently in its early access phase and is exclusively available on Steam. In just over one month after release, it has surpassed five million users.