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Valkyrie Becomes Most Popular Pick in Apex Legends Season 13

Does Valkyrie need a nerf?
Does Valkyrie need a nerf? / Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends: Saviors is simply Valkyrie's season it seems as in addition to receiving her own Heirloom Set, the Winged Avenger has become the most picked Legend in the game.

In Season 13, Valkyrie has long been in the crosshairs of those in the community who feel she's become too strong, especially compared to others like Pathfinder. Now, in the aftermath of the Apex Legends Global Series Year 2 Championship where Valkyrie maintained a whopping 98% pick rate, it appears the general playerbase has followed suit.

Back at the start of June, Valkyrie sat third in Apex's Legend pick rate pecking order.

According to Apex Legends Status, however, here is how the Legend pick rates/popularity data shakes out about two months into Season 13:

  1. Valkyrie: 10.9%
  2. Octane: 10.6%
  3. Wraith: 10.4%
  4. Pathfinder: 8.9%
  5. Bloodhound: 8.3%
  6. Horizon: 6.1%
  7. Lifeline: 4.7%
  8. Bangalore: 4.5%
  9. Seer: 4.3%
  10. Loba: 3.6%
  11. Ash: 3.5%
  12. Fuse: 3.4%
  13. Caustic: 3.2%
  14. Mirage: 2.9%
  15. Gibraltar: 2.9%
  16. Wattson: 2.3%
  17. Revenant: 2.1%
  18. Rampart: 2.1%
  19. Mad Maggie: 1.8%
  20. Newcastle: 1.8%
  21. Crypto: 1.6%

Keep in mind that this data was taken at the time of publication on July 12, at 4:43 p.m. ET. According to Apex Legends Status, this data was taken using a 13.7 million player sample in their API database. This includes data from players who are unranked, all the way to those who've reached Apex Predator.

Going by the data, while Valkyrie did rocket over Octane and Wraith in the popularity contest, this development does seem to be more of a result of a decrease in pick rates among Bloodhound, Newcastle and Rampart.

Ultimately, it will be interesting to see how Respawn handles its Legend balancing going forward.