Apex Legends

Valkyrie Bug Gives Teammates Permanent Scan of Enemies

Another Valkyrie bug has been discovered that gives her teammates permanent scan of enemy squads. | Photo by Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts

A new game-breaking bug with Valkyrie gives her teammates a permanent scan of enemy squads in Apex Legends.

Valkyrie Bug Gives Teammates Permanent Scan of Enemies

Since the release of Valkyrie, she has been prone to many bugs - sometimes hilarious ones - which have caused her to be regarded as one of the most broken characters in the game. Her more notorious bug was found in May in which her ultimate ability caused players to clip out of bounds, and soon after, their death without any escape.

The latest discovery was posted on the Apex Legends subreddit and found by user, wrproductions. In the clip, Valkyrie disconnected before landing at the start of the match, in which, her passive ability allowed her to detect enemies within 250 meters when skydiving.

Somehow, the passive carried over to her teammates and allowed them to keep the scan ability that gives the team visual markers that show where the enemies are in their immediate area.

It's unknown of how many players are taking advantage of the glitch, but the trio team will have to be shorthanded by one player in order to use this bug as part of a strategy to win the match.

Respawn Entertainment has yet to release a fix for this game-breaking bug by the time of writing this story, but it's hard to believe that a bug of this scale won't be fixed any time soon.