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Valkyrie Changes Cancelled Despite Players Calling for a Nerf

Respawn Entertainment

Since she was added to Apex Legends, Valkyrie has been an extremely popular legend. Now in today's current meta, she is the most commonly selected Legend.

Valkyrie was the most commonly picked legend in the ALGS, which just concluded over a week ago. She was picked 478 times, over 100 more than the next, Gibraltar. Additionally, she was present in 98.02% of all squads in the tournament.

The current meta revolves around movement and gaining knowledge about enemies
ALGS Legend Pick Rate / Photo Courtesy of @alphaintel on Twitter

It's no surprise that Valkyrie is popular, she is the best character at movement, and movement is a huge part of the current meta. But along with popularity also comes complaints, a whole lot of them.

Players are tired of seeing the same legend taken over and over again. Several demands have been made regarding a nerf for the Winged Avenger.

Recently, Apex Legends Dev, John "JayBiebs" Larson mentioned that it is unlikely we will see an anti-scan legend added into the game. In that same Twitter thread, JayBeibs responded to the comment "Then we can expect a valk nerf then because shes a compulsory legend right?"

"So funnily enough, we were close to pulling the trigger on removing beacon scan from her. At leave [least] remove that so she's not an auto pick in comp, right? JayBiebs responded, "But on second thought, we realized it may be counter productive."

He later mentioned that "So we figured we could go back to the drawing board while we let this comp split play out with more legend diversity."

Players would love to see a Valk nerf come very soon, but with the comments made by JayBeibs, those changes may not come until next season. But at least Respawn has acknowledged that the changes are going to be needed.