Apex Legends

Valkyrie’s Jetpack Broken Following Latest Apex Legends Update

Photo Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Patch 1.99 went live June 30, and it players have reported a new bug that appears to break Valkyrie's jetpack ability.

Valkyrie has become one of the more popular choices for players in Apex Legends since the game's launch. With her Recon abilities, rockets, and Skyward Dive Ultimate, Valkyrie can fit on most any team.

Apex Legends subreddit user jarambejuice posted a video showing a serious bug affecting Valkyrie’s passive.

Trying numerous times, the player just could't call Valkyrie's jetpack to action. This definitely breaks the game for Valkyrie mains, and many players in the thread shared that they too are experiencing troubles with the jetpack.

One player recommended re-entering the Replicator and exiting it again, as that solved the problem for them, so make sure to give that a try if you’re struggling with this glitch as Valkyrie. Until Respawn discover the cause of the glitch and patch it, we'll have to wait it out to successfully use Valkyrie's Ultimate and passive correctly.

With Valkyrie being one of the most chosen character in Apex Legends, this glitch will surely be ironed out soon.