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Valor Vendor Shadowlands: Everything You Need to Know

Valor vendors in Oribos
Valor vendors in Oribos / Photo by Blizzard Entertainment

As an MMORPG, World of Warcraft: Shadowlands has different ways to obtain gear. On top of being able to obtain gear, you can also upgrade a select few with valor points. Here is everything you need to know about the valor vendor in Shadowlands. 

Added in Shadowlands’ 9.0.5 patch, with valor, players are able to upgrade gear from regular mythics or mythic+ to a higher item level. This gave players an option to upgrade random drops instead of hoping to get the perfect best in slot item from the Great Vault.

At the time of release, there was a valor point cap. It began at 5,000 in the first week and since then has increased by 750 each week. 

Valor Vendor Shadowlands: Everything You Need to Know

Players can earn Valor Points through two means: Callings and running Mythic+ dungeons. Zones have their own Callings at different times of the week, there are Rare Callings that award 35 Valor and Epic Callings that reward 50. 

Via Mythic+, players earn 135 Valor no matter the keystone level. Players can just farm low-level keystones for maximum Valor gain. 

Valor vendors can be found in all of the Covenant’s or at Oribos. 

Kyrian: Forgehand Pillo is located inside the Sanctum of Binding.

Necrolord: Goreguts is located in the Seat of the Primus with the other armor and weapon vendors.

Venthyr: Guy Yearmo can be found in the lower level of Sinfall on the balcony.

Night Fae: Craftsmaster Lamba is stationed indoors in the Hear of the Forest, next to the south entrance.