Valorant 2.09 Patch Agent Tier List

Slight tweaks to our Agent Tier List for Patch 2.09
Slight tweaks to our Agent Tier List for Patch 2.09 / Photo by Riot Games

Valorant's 2.09 Patch released on Tuesday and as with each new patch and hotfix for Valorant, how the Agents play and work with one another has changed, if only slightly. There have only been some minor changes in the Agents this go around, but still, it's worth examining where each Agent ranks in our tier list.

Valorant 2.09 Patch Agent Tier List

S Tier - Sova, Jett, Sage, Killjoy, Raze

Valorant Sova
Sova still remains a S Tier Agent / Photo by Riot Games

Not much changing up at the top. The particular order of these five Agents can be switched around, depending on your preference and playstyle, but without a doubt, these are the five best Agents currently in Valorant. This could change in future patches, of course, so it's best to enjoy being on top right now.

A Tier - Cypher, Astra, Reyna, Viper, Omen

Valorant Cypher
Cypher, Astra, and Reyna remain excellent, with Viper taking a nerf / Photo by Riot Games

A Tier has the most action as far as changes to the game, with Viper's smoke being nerfed, but even still, she's staying put. The smoke damage nerf wasn't so major as to bump her down to B Tier, but now players might think twice about choosing her, especially if they're in solo queue. Cypher is still the best at gathering intelligence, and if players can get past Astra's learning curve, she's a top choice as well.

B Tier - Brimstone, Phoenix, Skye, Breach, Yoru

Valorant Brimstone
While not quite as effective or resourceful as their higher tiered counterparts, B Tier Agents certainly aren't bad options / Photo by Riot Games

And at last, there is B Tier. Valorant's game balance has been excellent in the last few patches, so unlike other games, there really isn't a major drop-off in terms of Agents. Once again, preference plays a huge role in being effective with an Agent, so even though they might not be as statistically powerful or good as S or A Tier Agents, Phoenix, Yoru, Breach, and the others down here definitely can't be classified as useless.