Valorant Act 1 End Date: When Does it End?

Valorant Act 1 is coming to a close .
Valorant Act 1 is coming to a close . | Photo by Riot Games

Valorant Act 1's end date is closing, but when does it end? The first chapter of players' experience with Riot Games' first-person shoooter will come to a close on Aug. 4 at around 5 p.m. ET. But as we close the book on Act 1, we can see the new content offered by Act 2 just over the horizon.

Valorant Act 1 End Date: When Does it End?

Your competitive data for the act will be saved and locked in your career lab. For future acts this will include your Act Rank, a feature that will be introduced in Act 2. Players will also be put in placement matches for the next Act based on their rank in the previous Act.

Players will only need to participate inn three before their rank is displayed as opposed to five like it was previously. Your rank will likely be a couple tiers lower than you landed during the previous act but Riot intend to weigh performance in earlier games higher, so you should rise more quickly.

The aforementioned Act Rank system will be based on your nine highest ranked wins during the act and will be added to your career page. Riot Games has also teased that new agents might be added in future acts, perhaps this is when we might see Killjoy released?