Valorant Act 2 Weapon Tier List

The latest ranking of your favorite Valorant Act 2 weapons.
The latest ranking of your favorite Valorant Act 2 weapons. | Photo by Riot Games

Valorant weapons are one of the most fundamental aspects of the game. Now that Act 2 is live, stay ahead of the curve by looking at the latest Valorant weapon tier list for August 2020.

Valorant Act 2 Weapon Tier List

With Valorant Act 2 comes the beta debut of the newest deathmatch game mode. While there has yet to be any groundbreaking weapon changes in Act 2, take a look at the latest weapon tier list below before you head into your next match.

S- Tier

  • Vandal- 2,900 credits
  • Phantom- 2,900 credits
  • Sheriff- 800 credits
  • Ghost- 500 credits

The Vandal and the Phantom continue to offer some of the best damage potential in the game. While many players have a preference between the two they are both premium weapons in the current meta. The Ghost and Sheriff are especially deadly for budget and pistol rounds due to their increased headshot damage.

A- Tier

  • Operator- 4,500 credits
  • Odin- 3,200 credits

Both the Operator and the Odin are extremely powerful weapons. The only attribute that prevents them from reaching S tier status is their lack of economic efficiency. High performance comes at the price of high cost, meaning you should only buy these weapons when confident in economy. Still, these weapons are a great way to continue a commanding lead.

B- Tier

  • Spectre- 1,600 credits
  • Bulldog- 2,100 credits
  • Ares- 1,600 credits
  • Guardian- 2,500 credits

B tier weapons are middle of the pack in power level but offer increased economic efficiency. Favor these weapons when you are worried about the economy but need to make a comeback in the game.

C- Tier

  • Stinger- 1,100 credits
  • Judge- 1,500 credits
  • Marshall- 1,100 credits

C tier weapons consist of economy friendly low damage weapons. While these weapons do have their place in the occasional half save round, favor other weapons if your economy supports it.