Valorant Act 3: 5 Things We Don't Want

Valorant Act 3: 5 Things We Don't Want
Valorant Act 3: 5 Things We Don't Want / Riot Games

Valorant Act 3 is coming soon as there are things Riot Games needs to avoid in the next major update. The newest agent, Skye, has been introduced and her kit is highlighted by her healing ability. Riot Games first teased Skye and now her full kit has been revealed along with Icebox.

Here are five things we do not want in the upcoming Act III for Valorant.

Valorant Act 3: 5 Things We Don't Want

No Battle Pass Changes

The Valorant battle passes take a long time to grind rewards. Riot Games should update the system some way instead of leaving it as it is.

More Sage Nerfs

Sage, Valorant's prominent healer, was recently nerfed. Any more nerfs, plus the inclusion of Skye, will make her obsolete in the meta. Her wall and slow don't provide enough utility to make up for her other nerfs.

An Overpowered Initiator

Riot Games is likely to add another initiator agent, but hopefully their skillset isn't broken. The more Agents, the merrier. Considering how overpowered some champions are in League of Legends on release, hopefully that doesn't apply to Valorant either.

More Viper Buffs

Another Viper buff would be the fifth time they've buffed her since the launch of Valorant. She's in a good spot now, but some would argue she needs more.

Another Expensive Skin Set

Valorant skins have been popular on release including the Glitchpop and Elderflame bundles. Although, some complain that the bundles are expensive. Especially when you consider Radianite Points are required to customize the weapon even farther.