Valorant Act 3: 5 Things We Want

Valorant Act 3 is upon us.
Valorant Act 3 is upon us. / Riot Games

Valorant Act 3 is coming up and fans are asking for some balance to the meta. There are some changes that Riot Games should make to make the competitive balance of the game across all player skill levels more even. Some of these changes may seem obvious, but that doesn't mean they aren't necessary for continued growth.

Valorant Act 3: 5 Things We Want

Jett Nerf

Jett is the most overpowered agent in the game right now, and cooling her power off might help the balance of the game. She's got strong mobility, a devastating ultimate and three smokes to boot. She needs some more tuning.

Battle Pass Changes

Riot Games would be doing us all a favor by allowing Radianite points to do more than upgrade skins. So far, they're just used to unlock upgrades and variants for the more expensive skins in the game.

Changing Ranked

Changing solo queue and duo queue will help voice communication and the overall fairness of the game's competitive state. Riot Games also needs to look at where players are placing in terms of rank and what type of system is being used to gauge players skill level.

Club System

Valorant is in dire need of a club system so friends can have a tag and play under the same moniker.

More Characters

Skye was just announced as the next Valorant agent, but fans want more characters introduced. As more characters are released, players can experiment with new strategies and compositions. It's important to make sure the agents are balanced on release so they don't break the game, but the more the merrier.