Valorant Agent 18 Leaks: What's Known so Far?

Photo courtesy Riot Games

Valorant Agent 18 leaks have been dropped by Riot Games and data miners, picking up information such as a codename and lines from the character Chamber.

The official leak of the character design did not happen until Prime Gaming had released a photo on its Valorant rewards page. Riot Games quickly followed up and tweeted an official image of Agent 18 exciting fans for what's to come. Fans expect the Filipino character to be named Neon.

As far as other leaks regarding Neon are concerned, what's known?

Valorant Agent 18 Leaks: What's Known so Far?

Release Date

Neon is expected to be released at the time of Episode 4 Act 1. This should be sometime around Jan. 12.


Neon descends from the Philippines and is portrayed as a young woman, possibly the youngest of all the Valorant agents. 

It wasn’t just the leaked image by Prime Gaming that suggests her characteristics, but Chamber in-game states to Reyna, “I have an impressionable young mind for you to corrupt. A gift from me to you.”

Abilities and Roles

Neon’s abilities have only been hinted at a few times, and with the codename “Sprinter”, many believe that she will have a dash action like Jett. One that could potentially reveal the location of her enemies considering that her role may be that of an initiator.

The main point of her power that the Valorant community has noticed is her lightning. Most likely being able to manipulate lightning for speed or simply as a force to reveal the opposing team.