Valorant Agent 18 Release Date: When is it?

Photo courtesy Riot Games

Valorant Agent 18 release date is expected to drop on Jan. 12, 2022. The new update will contain Episode 4 Act 1 with the official release of the new agent, supposedly named Neon. The last act of Episode 3 finished not too long ago with new Agent Chamber.

Riot Games developers have been dropping small information about this agent since its announcement, with the codename “Sprinter” that data miners had found in-game files. In a leak on the Prime Gaming site, an image of the newest Agent was featured. Riot Games quickly followed with an official tweet of the new Agent telling fans, "See ya next week!"

Valorant Agent 18 Release Date

Agent 18's release date is not exact considering that she is supposed to come out with Episode 4 Act 1, which release is expected to start between Jan. 12-19. Nothing is for certain as players have seen in the past with agent Chamber arriving after his projected release date because of complications.

Hopefully Agent 18 will have a smoother release in Valorant, especially since her existence has been known for quite some time since Chamber’s release. Speculation has suggested that Neon will be of equal standing to that of Jett, as Jett is considered by many the best agent in Valorant.