Valorant Agent 18 Role: What's Known so Far?

Photo courtesy Riot Games

Valorant agent 18's role is highly believed to be a duelist, as her abilities of mobility and fast-paced playability are usually assigned to that of the duelist category. But there are concerns as the balance between the different roles will become unbalanced, with an already uneven roster of roles to start the year.

Adding another duelist is not expected help Riot Games' cause in creating a balanced game in both player abilities and roles. 

Valorant Agent 18 Role: What's Known so Far?

Agent 18, or supposedly Neon, will be in a difficult position when being placed in a role. Considering that her projected abilities will align with that of a duelist, hopefully, Riot can assess a change to the character in order to balance the roles that have been assigned in the past.

Speculation has suggested that her character will be one of the fastest agents on the roster, and this usually implies that she will become a duelist. But because of what appears to be lighting abilities, she could use that power similarly to that of an initiator.

As an initiator, Valorant players will expect Agent 18 to use her lightning as a way to flush out enemies and reveal them. She will at times most likely act like a duelist, as Neon will have sprinter abilities as her code name suggests, but players may see this hybrid action more often as the latest agent Chamber is a sentinel but acts like a duelist.

Agent 18's abilities remain speculation as fans await her official reveal.