Valorant Agent Tier List August 2020

Valorant Agent Tier List August 2020
Valorant Agent Tier List August 2020 / Riot Games

Valorant Agent tier list for August 2020 introduced a new agent, Killjoy. For August, most of the agents are still around the same rank they were for previous patches. Riot has introduced new skins and a deathmatch game mode in the most recent patch, bringing more variety to Riot's tactical shooter. Let's get into the best agents for August 2020.

Valorant Agent Tier List August 2020

S Tier - Sage, Cypher, Brimstone

Although Sage has been nerfed, she still continues to be one of the best agents in Valorant, especially with her Ultimate Resurrection, able to revive a teammate and turn a lost round into a win. Sage is always a solid pick and should be on your squad for almost every game.

A Tier- Omen, Jett, Phoenix, Killjoy

The new agent Killjoy makes an appearance in A tier. Her ability to use turrets to distract opponents while planting the bomb has proven to be lethal, and her set up with them leads to kills quite often. Her kit is unique and can be incredibly powerful. The longer she's out, the more we will understand counterplay but for now, she is very strong.

B Tier - Sova, Raze, Breach, Viper

Sova is a good agent, but the play base needs to find more angles to utilize his vision control. That is the biggest way for Sova to get back into top tier.