Valorant Agent Tier List December 2021

Photo courtesy Riot Games

The Valorant agent tier list of December 2021 has been updated since the latest patch 3.10 with the new introduction to the agent Chamber. The list is the cumulation of each agent's playability in the game and how their abilities can benefit any type of Valorant player. As the Valorant community opinion matters, and so the list is not only defined by skill, but also by overall positivity or negativity from the community.

Valorant Agent Tier List December 2021

Before beginning the tier list, it must be addressed that this list has been a debatable discussion amongst the Valorant community.  Since many players like certain agents for different reasons, may it be because of personal preference and style, or just playability, the agent tier list measures a lot of factors beyond the actual agents’ performance in-game. And that the list is subject to change over time, especially since there is a new agent that is in the workings who is said to even rival Jett.

December 2021 Tier List

  1. Jett
  2. Sage
  3. Reyna
  4. Raze
  5. Sova
  6. Viper
  7. Chamber
  8. Skye
  9. Astra
  10. Killjoy
  11. Cypher
  12. Phoenix
  13. Breach
  14. Omen
  15. Brimstone
  16. Yoru
  17. KAY/O

With the new December 2021 tier list, the placement of the agents is not permanent, especially with the rumors of the new agent 18, or codenamed “Sprinter," who descends from the Philippines. This character is hinted at by Chamber as an agent who can rival Jett, as Jett has been in the lead as one of the best agents in Valorant. With this new agent, Jett’s position may be overthrown, but only time will tell as we approach the release of this mysterious character.