Valorant Agent Tier List March 2022

Courtesy of Riot Games / Image: @PlayVALORANT

Wondering where your favorite Valorant Agent ranks in March 2022? Here's everything you need to know.

As Episode 4 Act II of Valorant rolled out at the start of March, buffs and nerfs across the board have shaken up the current meta of the game. Patch 4.04 features a wide array of changes to the meta that players will have to adapt to.

Some of the biggest changes to the game are the long-awaited Yoru rework, nerfs to Viper and Astra, buffs to Brimstone and Omen, and changes to the Icebox map. While many of the Agents remain in place, the tier list looks very different in various places from February.

Valorant Agent Tier List March 2022

S Tier

  • Jett
  • Sage
  • Sova
  • Yoru

To start the list, Jett, Sage and Sova mains can rejoice as those Agents retain their top spot in the meta. As a One-Trick Jett main myself, I am ecstatic that Jett once again evaded the nerf hammer.

The newest member of the S Tier is Yoru, who finally received a rework as of Patch 4.04. The biggest change to Yoru is the reworked move, Fakeout. Upon shooting the clone of Yoru, the clone will look in the direction of the enemy and Flash them, making this move incredibly strong and useful.

A Tier

  • Viper
  • Chamber
  • Reyna
  • Killjoy
  • Omen
  • Cypher
  • Raze

With the Viper nerfs taking the Agent out of S Tier, the character is by no means nerfed into the ground. Mainly, the nerfs make the character more one dimensional. This means that where in the past, Viper was able to play both the Controller and Sentinel role, she must now play one role or the other.

Omen received a lot of love for this patch with buffs to Dark Cover, Shrouded Step, and Paranoia. These buffs shot Omen from a terrible Agent, to one of the better ones in the game. Look for Omen to be increasingly popular in both competitive and professional play.

B Tier

  • Astra
  • Neon
  • Breach
  • Skye
  • KAY/O

While it could be argued that Astra is still a top-tier Agent, the recent patch saw Astra getting hit particularly hard. Astra's Stars were nerfed with the maximum Stars brought down from five to four and the cooldown of the ability was also increased. With Gravity Well, Nova Pulse, and Nebula also having their cooldown increased, Astra has seen better days.

C Tier

  • Phoenix
  • Brimstone*

Last on the list is Brimstone; however, there is a caveat to him being last on the list. Brimstone received buffs to Sky Smoke and more importantly Stim Beacon. According to the patch notes, Stim Beacon now offers players a 15% speed boost as well as Rapid Fire. This has had some players speculate a new meta of rushing down enemies using this buff rising to the top. However, whether this will combine with the Astra and Viper nerfs to create a new meta remains to be seen.