Valorant Agents Tier List January 2021

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The agents tier list for Valorant in January is set to be interesting. 2021 will be an interesting year for Valorant with big changes coming. New skins, maps and agents will all surely come with the new year. As of yet, Riot has kept their plans for the coming months under wraps. The community does not know much. Despite this, January’s agent tier list is not likely to change in a massive way. Here’s the agent tier list for January.

Agents Tier List Valorant January 2021

The agents tier list for Valorant January 2021 is as follows:

S Tier – Must Pick Agents

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Each of these agents excels in what they do, more than any other agent in the game. The only disputable pick here might be Killjoy. Her ability to lock down sites is unparalleled, but someone like Sage might provide more utility in certain situations.

A Tier – Solid Agents





Any of these agents are excellent picks. There are only three S-tier agents, so a team picking every S-tier agent would still have to pick some lower-tier characters to round it out. Raze and Jett are both great in their roles as aggressive pushers who can throw themselves past blockades put up by defensive agents like Killjoy, Sage or Cypher. A good Sova player can make the difference in some games by providing information, and Breach is easy to pick up and play.

C Tier – Weak, but still playable

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This is the largest tier, with five agents in it. While the description of this category is “weak, but still playable,” don’t take that as an excuse to not play these agents. Every agent has a place where they shine, and players who master a lower-tier agent will prove themselves more useful than those who pick up Omen just because he’s good this patch.

F Tier – Stay Far Away From This Agent

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Poor Viper is in desperate need of buffs. Until something changes she is going to stay at the bottom.