Valorant Araxys Skins: Price, Weapons, Release Date

Riot Games

With Valorant Episode 6releasing tomorrow, players are looking forward to all the new updates that the game will receive.

It has already been announced that there will be a new map called Lotus released with the new update. The developers have also decided to take out Breeze and Bind from the map rotation, as they opted to bring back Split and make room for Lotus.

The final announcement for the new update is a new skin bundle called Araxys, which received an announcement trailer this morning.

Valorant Araxys Skin Prices

Although the individual skin prices are not completely available yet, it is known that the entire bundle will cost 8,700 VP. Based on the numerous skin lines that have been released over the years, it is likely the individual skins will cost around 2,100 VP.

Valorant Araxys Skin Weapons

Much like the other skin lines released, the Araxys bundle will include a total of five weapons:

  • Operator
  • Vandal
  • Bulldog
  • Shorty
  • Melee

Valorant Araxys Skin Release Date

The Araxys skin bundle will release alongside the new Valorant Episode on Jan. 10. With everyone excited to start the new Episode, it is certain that numerous people will be showcasing the skin in their games tomorrow.