Valorant Arcane Event: What You Need to Know

Image courtesy of Riot Games

Riot Games recently announced the RiotX Arcane event taking place across all of their titles, including Valorant. Here's what you need to know.

The RiotX Arcane event is a celebration around the release of Arcane, the upcoming Netflix animated series based on League of Legends. It's set to be a month-long event which spans multiple games so no matter your game of choice you'll be able to join in with the action. For Valorant, specifically, players will be able to claim a number of in-game items, leading up to the launch of Episode 3 Act 3. Such rewards include a free RiotX Arcane Pass, and various in-game collectibles.

Valorant Arcane Event Rewards

According to Riot Games, players will be able to unlock the following rewards during the Arcane event:

  • Free RiotX Arcane Pass
  • Free in-game Collectible Items
  • In-game Arcane Collector’s Set
  • New Agent: Chamber

Additionally, players will be able to earn certain watch-rewards by linking their Riot account to Twitch. Players can watch Arcane's premiere on Nov. 6 either through the official Riot Twitch channel or through a co-streamer. Items will be given out for all of Riot's games.

If you don't have access to Twitch, you can also sign into your Riot account on and watch the first episode there. For Valorant, the following reward wll be delivered to you after the premiere:

  • “Fishbones” Gun Buddy

The Valorant Arcane event will start on Nov. 6, 2021 and is set to end on Nov. 20, 2021.