Valorant Battle Pass Vote: How Does it Work?

Valorant has allowed the community to vote for some of the items that will be released on the next battle pass, and here's how it works.

Valorant is soon hitting its one-year anniversary, and Riot Games is letting the community vote for what will be in the next battle pass.

Valorant Battle Pass Vote: How Does it Work?

As stated in a blog post on the website, the "community-powered" battle pass is slated for an "Episode 4" release, which is likely a few months out. The battle pass voting is stated to have its own unique items for each region as the items to vote for will not be the same in different global regions.

So far, for North American and Oceanic servers, players are able to vote for the items via the in-game tile. The tile will redirect players to a Google Forms document with several pictures of sprays and gun buddies, as well as titles that players can all vote for.

Though the voting for these items are purely speculative and may not even be released in-game, the items to be voted on are fully rendered for voters to see what they will look like. As this is slated for an "Episode 4" release, "Episode 3" will be released on June 21. The battle pass will have a mix of gun buddies, sprays, and titles along with others, however, it has not been released yet at the time of writing.

All of this is part of its "YR1" events, in which it has released a "Give Back Bundle" that donates proceeds to its Riot Games Social Impact Fund charity among others.