Valorant Chamber Abilities: Full List and Details

Courtesy of Riot Games
Courtesy of Riot Games /

Valorant's newest Agent, the French Assassin Chamber, has recently been revealed. This character finds himself in a very interesting spot, as he embodies a character archetype never before seen in Valorant. His kit is almost entirely based on gunplay, yet he is a Sentinel. Supposed to carve out a role as an anchor on a site Chamber has captured the curiosity of all players in Valorant.

Here are all of his abilities players need to know before his release in a few weeks.

Valorant Chamber Abilities: Full List and Details

1. E- Rendezvous

Allows Chamber to place two anchors, to which he can teleport. Chamber can teleport between the two as long as he is in range. These can also be picked up.

2. Q- Headhunter

Chamber brings out a hard hitting pistol (basically a Sheriff), can aim down sights.

3. C- Trademark

Places trap in the ground. When an enemy walks over it, trap activates and creates a field in which players become slowed.

4. Q- Tour de Force

Chamber pulls out a sniper rifle that will take enemies down in one hit as long as it makes contact with a player. When an enemy is killed, a slow field is created around their body.