Valorant Chamber New Release Date Announced

Courtesy of Riot Games
Courtesy of Riot Games

The Valorant community at large is currently waiting with baited breath to see the first action of the newest Agent, Chamber, in game. Unfortunately, the release of the new Sentinel got delayed as the team in Riot needed more time to balance him out to be ready to play. The developers did release the new date for Chamber to join the ranks of Valorant.

Valorant Chamber Release Date Announced

As of now, the release date for Chamber is noted as Nov. 16. This will place his release two weeks after Act III starts. This timing will play an interesting role in Valorant Champions, the world tournament for Valorant in 2021. With this late start to players getting their hands on him, the idea of having him played at Champions is definitely up in the air.

Similarly in Valorant competitive, there will be a two week grace period where Chamber will not be playable so that the player base can be more experienced on how to use and counter him.

This delayed release date may have disappointed some players, but at the end of the day it is better for Riot Games to take time making sure Chamber is released properly and not ruin the game on release because he is too strong or too weak. Whatever the reasons Riot had for keeping him out for the two weeks he is being delayed, he will be entering games on Nov. 16.