Valorant Chamber Release Date Confirmed for Nov. 16

Valorant's Agent "Chamber" Official Art
Valorant's Agent "Chamber" Official Art / Photo via VALORANT

Valorant Episode 3 Act III released on Nov. 2, lacking a very prominent part of the usual updates: there was no new agent. Fans were understandably confused, at least, until Riot Games tweeted that Chamber would not come out immediately.

On Nov. 15, the team behind Valorant announced that Chamber would finally be released, approximately two weeks after Act III and the Battle Pass launched.

What Are Chamber’s Abilities?

1. Trademark

Chamber's Trademark ability allows the player to set a trap that will slow like Sage's slow orb and mark enemies like Cypher's camera.

2. Headhunter

The Headhunter allows the player to pull out a heavy pistol, which players have begun to refer to as the 'Pocket Guardian'. Players can alt fire with the pistol equipped to aim down sights.

3. Rendezvous

Chamber's Rendezvous ability recharges every 15 seconds and allows the player to place two separate teleport anchors. When the player is in range of one anchor, pressing E will let the player quickly teleport to the other anchor. These, much like Killjoy's tech, can be picked up and redeployed.

4. Ultimate: "Tour de Force"

Activating Chamber's Ultimate ability allows the player to pull out an Operator-like sniper rifle with the ability to quickscope and kill on any direct hit. After killing a player, the body of the enemy shot will deploy a lingering slow field that will catch other players around it.

Valorant Chamber Release Date Confirmed for Nov. 16

Expect players to try out the new Agent and figure out how he works into a potential meta in competitive play. Players can finally experience the newest Agent on Nov. 16.