Valorant Champions Berlin First Round Matchups

Photo courtesy Riot Games

With Valorant Champions approaching, information has been relayed to the public about where the tournament will take place and who will be competing amongst the 12 teams. Fans are already betting on the winners and losers for the first round of matchups of this 12-day period.

Valorant Champions Berlin First Round Matchups

When and Where

Champions has been decided for this 2021 competition to take place in Berlin. The first round will start on Dec. 1, starting at 9 a.m. ET and ending at 3 p.m. ET.

First Round Matchups

Vision Strikers start against FULL SENSE, Team Vikings take on Crazy Raccoon, and then finally Fnatic go up against Cloud9 Blue.


Vision Striker Versus FULL SENSE

The Korean team, Vision Striker, has been killing it with an impressive lead on the competition and has kept an impressive record. The team have maintained a consistent winners path compared to that of the Thai team, FULL SENSE, whose reputation is evident in the scarce coverage. While FULL SENSE's success has had its ups and downs, it's never been as consistent as Korea's number one Valorant team. There's an overwhelming belief that Vision Strikers will in fact advance further in the competition, leaving FULL SENSE in the dust.

Team Vikings versus Crazy Raccoon

Not only is the Japanese team, Crazy Raccoon (CR), believed to beat the Brazilian Team Vikings, but there are high hopes for CR in general. Fans consider CR to be one of the many favorite picks for winning the whole competition.

Fnatic versus Cloud9 Blue

Even though many hope for the English team, Fnatic, to win, this match may prove to be the most formidable of the bunch. Cloud9 Blue has had a pretty interesting standing within the competition so far and could definitely provide the most pushback against Fnatic. It's truly hard to say how it's going to play out for this pair, but it could definitely be a very entertaining match to watch.