Valorant Champions Bundle Nets Over $16 Million for Qualified Players

Courtesy of Riot Games

Riot Games released the Valorant Champions 2022 skin bundle to celebrate the second world championship. The in-game listing mentioned that 50 percent of the net proceeds from the Champions 2022 bundle goes to the VCT participating teams.

Valorant developer Riot Games announced in a Twitter post that over $16 million was raised for the qualified teams. The bundle features a Phantom skin, spray, butterfly knife, a player card, and a gun buddy. Players can purchase the entire bundle for 6,265 VP or about $60 before it leaves the store on Sept. 21 at 5 p.m. ET.

Valorant Champions Bundle Nets $16 Million for Qualified Players

The $16 million raised will be split into the 16 qualified teams, with over $1 million going to each participating team. Each team splitting the shares between the organization and players is left to the team's discretion.

The Champions bundle is available for purchase until Sept. 21, so the prize pool for the teams can increase. The Champions bundle is an exclusive bundle that will not be added to the store rotation or night market after it leaves the store. If you are thinking of buying it, don't miss out on the bundle! Players can also purchase items individually.

This year's bundle generated more revenue than last year's Champion 2021 bundle. Last year's bundle earned $18.72 million, raising $9.36 million to be split between the 16 teams.