Valorant Champions Tour 2024 Details Announced

Some major changes are coming to Valorant Champions Tour 2024.
Some major changes are coming to Valorant Champions Tour 2024. / Riot Games

As Valorant Champions 2023 comes to a close, Riot Games has announced new details and events for Valorant Champions Tour 2024.

Every year, Riot Games looks to make the VCT even bigger than the year before. As Paper Rex, Evil Geniuses, LOUD, and FNATIC battle to see who becomes the next Valorant World Champions, Riot Games is giving the professionals and the fans a lot to look forward to in the 2024 season.

With major changes to Challengers, the introduction of Championship Points, and two insane locations for Masters, here's everything we know so far about Valorant Champions Tour 2024.

Valorant Champions Tour 2024 Details Announced

Valorant Champions Tour 2024 will feature more teams than ever before. After winning Valorant Challengers Ascension in their respective regions, The Guard, Gentle Mates, and Bleed eSports will be joining their international leagues to compete at the highest level in Valorant.

Additionally, China will become the fourth official league in the VCT, joining VCT Americas, EMEA, and Pacific. As Valorant rosters across the globe compete in VCT 2024, they will now earn Championship Points. Points for winning will increase throughout the season, and qualification for events will be based on both recent results and Championship Points.

VCT Masters 2024 Locations Revealed

VCT Masters 2024 is coming to Madrid and Shanghai. Valorant Masters Madrid will occur in March, and Valorant Masters Shanghai will unfold in May. By August, teams will have played through the 2-week season kick-off, two Masters, and two stages of international leagues leading up to Valorant Champions 2024.

Valorant Challengers 2024 Changes Detailed

For the first time, Valorant Challengers will see year-round competition in 2024. There will be more competition and gameplay for fans to watch as Challengers teams from all over the world fight for promotion. Valorant Challengers Ascension will occur after Valorant Champions 2024 to give the tournament its own time to shine.

Challengers will also introduce a team affiliation and player loan system that will allow teams to exchange players between Tier 1 and Tier 2, increasing the mobility of teams and players in VCT 2024.