Valorant Cheaters Banned: Riot Games Announces 8,873 New Bans

Valorant is coming Summer 2020
Valorant is coming Summer 2020 / Photo Courtesy of Valorant

Valorant cheaters banned now includes 8,873 new players, a Riot Games anti-cheat engineer announced Tuesday.

Valorant released in closed beta on April 7 for PC users. This first person shooting game developed and published by Riot Games is expected to come out this Summer but has already encountered many issues such as cheaters, hackers and in-game harassment.

Most of these players are believed to be in North America and Europe, the continents in which the beta was first released. The beta was only released in Brazil, South Korea and Latin America on May 5.

Valorant Cheaters Banned: Riot Games Announces 8,873 New Bans

Phillip Koskinas, anti-cheat engineer for Riot Games announced the removal of 8,873 cheaters from Valorant. His tweet also called seemed to call out anyone who cheated or was planning to cheat as "bones may've shifted" could refer to any players who are yet to login.

Comments have flooded the tweet with concern, anger, thankful and joy, as mixed emotions reacted to the announcement. Users are concerned that cheaters are still lurking, whilst people are reacting to their account being banned despite allegedly not cheating and others are unhappy that their games they lost to hackers are unaffected or unchanged.

With only select countries given access to the game, it is a concerning problem if Riot Games cannot fix or deal with the issue as it has not even been released to all continents.