Valorant Could Finally Be Heading to Consoles

Riot Games

A new job listing at Riot Games has seemingly confirmed that Valorant will be heading to Xbox and PlayStation.

Riot Games has posted multiple job listings on the jobs platform Hitmarker. The jobs are targeting Valorant and are seemingly related to porting the game over to consoles. Listings such as a Game Design Manager specifically for consoles and a Senior Game Designer for consoles were posted earlier this month.

The description for Game Design Manager details that the candidate "will help set a vision and guide designers on bringing Valorant to new platforms."

They will also "be responsible for upholding design principles that define Valorant on PC while transforming it into the definitive tactical shooter for Consoles."

Players have been awaiting the arrival of a console port for Valorant for quite some time. The game has so far only been playable on PC.

The listings do not offer a timeframe for when players can expect the port to materialize. Given that key roles are being hired, it will likely be some time before a release date is announced. It is also unclear whether the Nintendo Switch will see a port, with the focus seeming to be on Xbox and PlayStation consoles for the time being.