Valorant Cyber Monday 2022 Deals

Riot Games

Valorant like many games today is a free-to-play experience. On Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it is understandable that most gamers will not be looking for any discounts for free-to-play games. With free-to-play games though, they tend to charge players to unlock in-game cosmetics and other items.

Valorant is no stranger to this practice with many of their weapon skins being known to cost a premium. So on Cyber Monday for a Valorant player, they may be interested to know if there are any deals for them.

Valorant Cyber Monday 2022 Deals

Unfortunately for holiday deal searchers, there are not any this season for Valorant. Instead of having any Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals for in-game items in Valorant , Riot is offering something different

This holiday season Riot is bringing back the Give Back Bundle which raised over $5 million for charity last year. For this year's Give Back Bundle Riot will give 50 percent of its proceeds from weapon skins and 100 percent of its proceeds from accessories towards the Riot Games Social Impact Fund in partnership with ImpactAssets.

Valorant players got to vote on which weapons will be featured in the bundle which ended up being the Forsaken Operator, Neptune Vandal, Magepunk Spectre, and Gaia's Vengeance Ghost. There will also be some new accessories included in the bundles as well.

The complete Give Back Bundle will cost Valorant players 6,387 VP roughly the price of new full price game but keep in mind this is for a good cause. Players interested in the 2022 Give Back Bundle will have until Nov. 30 to purchase it.