Valorant Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Photo courtesy Riot Games

Valorant’s Cyber Monday 2021 deals have been limited, as there hasn’t been a strong presence of announced special deals for the discount season. Of course, the introduction of the new skin sets for the game seems to be the only major big difference in the line-up. But as Champions is approaching, that won’t stop fans from taking advantage of their favorite teams’ merchandise discounts for Cyber Monday.

Valorant Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Skins and Bundles

With Champions approaching, Riot has released a matching set to pair with the season. Designed in the colors of black, gold, and some small detailing of red. Starting at 6,260 Valorant points, this new bundle has not gotten any cheaper with Cyber Monday deals, but it is one of the store’s newest additions. And to support the competition, 50 percent of net proceeds go towards the competing teams of Champions.

In addition to the Champions skin set, Magepunk 2.0 has also made its complete set debut in the Valorant in-game store. Having a strong steampunk aesthetic, the bundle will cost 6734 Valorant points. Again, this set like the Champions set is not discounted for players but is still available for players to buy during the festive season.

Team Merchandise

If the skins are not enough, then players can take advantage of their favorite Valorant teams’ Cyber Monday deals. Especially as Champions is around the corner, many teams have promoted their shops on social media. And with many hardcore fans, the reality of budgeting is very restrictive in terms of getting team merchandise, but with Cyber Monday, getting your favorite team’s goods is much more attainable.