Valorant Deathmatch: Game Mode Rumored for Release

Will there be a Deathmatch mode in the full release of Valorant?
Will there be a Deathmatch mode in the full release of Valorant? / Photo by Riot Games

Valorant Deathmatch has been a talking point among the game's fans since the closed beta started. After the addition of Ranked mode a few weeks ago, fans may have more game modes to look forward to when the full game is released.

Right now, developers at Riot Games are focused on cultivating a true esports culture around Valorant. They have been successful so far for what it's worth, with lots of top professionals, including former Overwatch League MVP Jay "sinatraa" Won, leaving other games for Valorant.

Once the full game is released, though, developers at Riot will be thinking about not only the pros, but the regular players as well. These players should be excited, as two leaks have pointed towards a Deathmatch or Team Deathmatch mode eventually coming to Valorant.

Valorant Deathmatch: Everything You Need to Know

The first leak comes from the Valorant data miner, @ValorantLeaked on Twitter. He found a line of code that seems to reveal future plans for a Team Deathmatch mode in the game.

A second leak comes courtesy of Valorant developer Salvatore "Volcano" Garozzo, who said that the team at Riot wants to have a Deathmatch-style mode, but he is unsure when it would be made available for players.

"The team is interested in having a Warm Up/Deathmatch-style mode for warming up, practicing, and getting used to gun mechanics," Volcano said. "But I don't know when that would be available. Probably not for launch, but I don't know."