Valorant Delta Damage Explained

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Unlike Overwatch 2, Valorant does not keep track of in game damage through the scoreboard. Valoran'ts scoreboard does indicate first bloods and average combat score, but that is more related to kills than damage.

Aim Lab has created a statistic application for Valorant, which will provide players with information that was previously inaccessible. Some of this information includes average damage per round, headshot percentage for each gamemode, and even delta damage.

Most of the stats make sense immediately, but one that sticks out is delta damage. What does it mean?

Aim Lab and Riot Games

Valorant Delta Damage Explained

Valorant delta damage is a statistic that helps players keep track of their in game performance by doing more than just looking at kills, deaths, and assists. Delta damage is the difference between the amount of a damage a player does and the amount of damage a player takes during a game.

This will help players see the amount of impact they are having in a game, even when they are performing poorly based on kills and deaths. The number in delta damage can be positive or negative, with the positive numbers indicating a better performance. If the number is negative, then the player has taken more damage than they have dealt and highlights a poor match from them.

In order to see delta damage, players need to create an Aim Lab account and sync their riot games account with it. Then, they will be able to access the stat tracker via the Aim Lab website.