Valorant Ego Skins Teased

Four new Valorant skins are coming.
Four new Valorant skins are coming. | Photo by Riot Games

The Valorant Ego skins were teased on the game's official Twitter account showcasing four new skins coming to Riot Games' popular first-person shooter.

Valorant, for those who haven't tried it, is a tactical, hero-based FPS akin to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Overwatch. The weapon cosmetics system is similar to League of Legends. Bundles are put in the store for purchase. Players make a flat micro-transaction to purchase the skin. Additionally, bundles are available giving players a better bang for their buck.

A unique aspect is that weapons have upgrade tiers built in unlocking new animations and color variations for Radianite points.

Valorant Ego Skins Teased

A new set of skins, apparently named Ego, were teased on the Valorant account. The skins seem to be made by someone named OneTap, or perhaps that's just an elaborate name to the set.

The Ego by OneTap set should be a gold lineup featuring a knife, Guardian, Stinger and Ghost skin. It seems the Knife skin, at least, will be a gold variation of the base skin. Valorant skin sets have been well received by its player base offering a wide array of options. The Elderflame Ultra bundle, for example, turned weapons into dragons.

The Valorant Ego skins bundle release date hasn't been announced.