Valorant Episode 2 Act 1 Introduces New Battle Pass

Riot Games added a new battle pass for Episode 2 Act 1.
Riot Games added a new battle pass for Episode 2 Act 1. | Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Riot Games added a new battle pass for Episode 2 Act 1. Set to go live on Jan. 12 players will be able to enjoy a skin bundle and agent alongside the new battle pass. The battle pass will be made up of 12 gun skins, one melee skin, gun buddies, cards, sprays, and titles.

The battle pass will cost a total of 1,000 VP and Valorant players will slowly unlock the cosmetic rewards as they play the game. The battle pass will go live Jan. 12 and continue through Mar. 1.

“We saw how much players loved the variants in the previous battle pass, so we wanted to offer them again this time around on the Infinity skin. With the Outpost skins, we experimented with some tech we built that would give them a more industrial feel," explained Art Lead Sean Marino. "Finally, Aerosol was probably the most fun skin to make of the three. Our concept artist had a blast decorating the skin with lots of stickers and fun easter eggs, which I’m excited to see the community discover and pick apart.”

The biggest addition for Episode 2 is introduction of Yoru.

Yoru will go live on Jan. 12 alongside the launch of the battle pass. Yoru will have an ability to mimic footsteps and fake players out, a short teleport ability allowing him to safely escape or reposition, and even a flashbang. His ultimate ability seems a bit strange and seems to make him invulnerable and invisible to the enemy team for a short period of time.

Players who enjoy lurking around the map will love to play the newest Agent.