Valorant Episode 3 Act II Battlepass Explained

Courtesy of Riot Games
Courtesy of Riot Games /

Episode 3 Act II, coming to Valorant Sept. 8 will bring content to the game, including both another seasonal battle pass and a uniquely designed map. The battle pass comes loaded with multiple skins and other cosmetics for a player to spice up their collection with, as well as the radiant they need to unlock all the variants for those cosmetics.

Valorant Episode 3 Act II Battlepass

The introduction of the new map in Valorant, Fracture, has the community extremely intrigued. Every map in Valorant has some kind of interesting gimmick or unique feature that none of the other maps do. This can be seen with Bind's teleporters or Haven's three bombsites. On Fracture, the entire map is that unique concept. Defenders will start in the middle of the map, while attackers can start on either side of the H-shaped map. There are ziplines that allow the attackers to choose how to split the attack from both sides of the map, where they can then choose to pinch the defenders from multiple directions or simply rush from one side. Many are excited to see how this new map plays, and in particular many are interested to see if this map has an agent meta different from all the others due to its' unique layout.

As always with the Valorant battlepass, skins are the thing that every player waits to see. This time around, it seems like Riot and the team over at Valorant has gotten everybody excited for this run of battle pass skins, which includes 2 main sets with one melee. ValorLeaks, a twitter page dedicated to leaking all things Valorant, has already put out most of the new information about the newest act, including everything about the skins.

These skins all come in the battle pass, along with radianite to unlock variants for them. Like many of the battle pass melee weapons, the Artisan Melee is a very unique addition to the game. Seemingly inspired by a Rapier, this weapon can be expected to be wielded like a sword, but the exact animations remain to be seen.

Riot hasn't disappointed with their battlepass yet, and it seems they are on their way to yet another success when the Episode 3 Act II patch drops on September 8th, along with all of the new items in the battlepass and the 7th Valorant map, Fracture.