Valorant Episode 6 Act II Battle Pass Rewards

Riot Games

Valorant Patch 6.04 released yesterday, which marked the end of Episode 6 Act I and the beginning of Episode 6 Act II. Alongside the new Act, Riot Games has introduced a brand new Battle Pass that will be available until late April.

The new patch brought a lot of different changes, including a brand new initiator agent called Gekko. He has a few unique abilities, including a pet that can plant and defuse the spike by itself.

The Battle Pass for Valorant typically gives players a lot of Radianite Points, which is needed to upgrade certain weapon skins. Additionally, there are numerous collectibles and weapon skins that are exclusive to each Battle Pass.

Since the current Battle Pass is brand new, here are some of the rewards you can get from it.

Valorant Episode 6 Act II Battle Pass Released

Although a majority of the Battle Pass rewards require players to purchase the pass, there are some free rewards that can be earned.

Free Rewards:

  • 60 Radianite Points
  • Three titles
  • Four player cards
  • Three gun buddies
  • Two sprays
  • Tilde Shorty

The rest of the rewards must be purchased with the Battle Pass, and includes three exclusive weapon skin lines.

Purchased Rewards:

  • Various sprays
  • Multiple player cards
  • Variety of gun buddies
  • Tilde Melee skin
  • Tilde Bulldog skin
  • Tilde Operator skin
  • Tilde Judge skin
  • Signature Sheriff skin
  • Signature Stinger skin
  • Signature Marshal skin
  • Signature Guardian skin
  • Topotek Bucky skin
  • Topotek Ghost skin
  • Topotek Odin skin
  • Topotek Phantom skin