Valorant Episode 6 Ranked Rating Changes

Valorant Episode 6: Revelation includes updates to the Ranked Rating system.
Valorant Episode 6: Revelation includes updates to the Ranked Rating system. / Riot Games

Valorant Episode 6 Act 1 is set to include changes to Ranked Rating as Riot Games continues to work on balancing gains and losses in Competitive.

After waiting a month for an update, players are eager to explore exciting changes to the tactical FPS. The release of Lotus, the return of Split, and the Araxys skins are just a few additions to explore and acquire at launch.

With the new Episode, players also must now begin their climb back up the ranked ladder. All ranks will be reset, and players will find their placement rank lower than their Episode 5 rank. The reset allows players to advance in the new season and for Riot Games to demote inactive players.

Here is a breakdown of how Ranked Rating will operate in the Valorant update.

Valorant Episode 6 Ranked Rating Changes

Riot Games ensured RR gains/losses will no longer heavily depend on round differentials of matches. Lopsided losses will affect a player's RR less than in past seasons to create a more consistent system. Now, the outcome of the match will have a greater impact on RR, reinforcing the most effective way to climb the ladder: win games.

RR gains will also rely on a player's individual performance compared to round differential. In response to player criticism that RR rewards and punishments were unsatisfactory and inconsistent, Riot will reward a good game from a player whose rank falls below their MMR. Similarly, if the player's rank is above their MMR, they will not be harshly penalized for a loss as long as they perform well.

With these alterations, players have ample opportunities to begin their ascent during the new Episode.