Valorant Error Code 84: How to Fix

Everything you need to know about error code 84.
Everything you need to know about error code 84. | Photo by Riot Games

Valorant players have recently begun reporting that they are experiencing error code 84, a new connection error that is causing login failures as well as mid-game disconnects.

Connection difficulties are nightmare fuel for gamers around the world. Take a look below to find out everything we know about Valorant error code 84.

Valorant Error Code 84

Valorant error code 84 has been causing difficulties for a significant amount of players in the last day or two. The good news is that error code 84 seems to be a problem with Valorant servers at the moment and not individual players connections.

How to Fix

Unfortunately there is not much players experiencing error code 84 can do. The error is not listed on the official Valorant error code list. The fact that this error seems to stem from server issues means that connection problems need to be fixed on Riot Games' end.

While frustrating, expect this issue to resolve fairly quickly as the error code has gathered significant attention online.