Valorant Error Code Van 135: How to Fix

Photo by Riot Games

Valorant Error Code Van 135 has affected many players in the Valorant community lately, and with any error code, it's definitely bothersome to deal with. But just like with many other error codes, the solutions and methods of solving this issue are pretty easy to navigate. For those eager to get back into a match and dominate the game, here's some steps players can take to solve Error Code Van 135.

Valorant Error Code Van 135: How to Fix

The first and easiest thing players can do is restart Valorant. Just like turning a device off and on again, sometimes it's able to solve its own issues, and get you right back into playing. If that doesn't work, it may be a server issue affecting multiple people, not just yourself. Check out the Valorant Server Status page, and see if something external is causing the error code.

If it's all clear there, it may be something wrong with your internet connection. Double-checking your internet and restarting your router would be two easy things to check, and see if the error code is resolved. If all else fails, there's always old reliable: restarting your PC. Just like with the first solution, sometimes, that's all it takes to fix an issue like this.

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