Valorant Error Code VAN 81: How to Fix

Having trouble with the VAN 81 error code?

The VAN 81 Error Code in Valorant has been appearing lately for some players, preventing them from logging in and playing. Many fans are wondering what this error code means specifically, and how they can resolve it, in order to get back to their favorite Agents and maps. Here's what the VAN 81 error code means, and some solutions you can use.

Valorant Error Code VAN 81: How to Fix

The VAN 81 error code is a connection-related issue, and the provided text with the error code asks players to "relaunch client to reconnect." So, let's try that first. If you restart the Valorant client, and don't encounter the VAN 81 error code, then congratulations. Of course, if it stills rears its ugly head, then you'll have to take further steps. On a list detailing the specific error codes in Valorant, one solution listed is restarting both the game client and your PC.

If the error code is still encountered, then the guide suggests uninstalling both Riot Vanguard, the anti-cheat software, and Valorant, then reinstalling both. The fresh install of both of these has shown to been somewhat effective for players who are still encountering the VAN 81 code after restarting their PC.

After all of that, if you are still encountering the VAN 81 error code, then you're best solution is submitting a support ticket to Riot Games Support, and hoping that the support team will have better luck resolving the error code.

Connection-related issues like this are always problematic, and can definitely be frustrating, so having patience with this process and the support team is absolutely recommended.