Valorant Fan Finds Broken Viper Ultimate Spot

The best place to activate Viper's Ultimate on A Site
The best place to activate Viper's Ultimate on A Site | Photo Courtesy of Riot Games

Viper has been a topic for discussion in the past few weeks due to her relatively weak abilities. Although she did receive buffs in the last patch, players are looking for the best way to play her.

One Redditor, may have found one of the best ways to deploy Viper's ultimate ability, Viper Pit on one of Valorant's maps, Ascent.

Valorant Fan Finds Broken Viper Ultimate Spot

Redditor u/CydneyT posted a video of his friend, a Viper main, finding a broken spot to plant Viper's ultimate ability.

In the clip, Viper jumps on top of the brick stack in front of A Rafters and walks forward along the ledge until he hits the wall. He then aims at the ground to the right of the large grey boxes between the two white squares on the ground. While this may seem specific and overly complicated the results are surprising.

After aiming and activating the ability, he moves back to the stack of bricks and there is a square area that the ability does not cover. What is so broken about this spot is that teammates will be able to see into the poison cloud as if it wasn't there while opponents have limited vision, allowing for a clear shot.

The ability seems to cover random spots on the A site but it actually covers key spots on the site. The poison also blocks vision from the door at the end of A Link which can conceal the location of an agent on the brick pile. Additionally, there is a small spot on the brick pile that Viper can step into to refuel her poison.

Overall, this is a great way to use Viper's Ultimate on Ascent and has great defensive capabilities.