Valorant First Strike Tournament: Structure, Prize Pool, Schedule

Valorant First Strike Structure, Prize Pool, Schedule
Valorant First Strike Structure, Prize Pool, Schedule / Image via Riot Games

Valorant First Strike tournament structure, prize pool, and schedule have been announced by Riot Games, as the company creates a new series of tournaments for their new shooter. Valorant has been a smash hit since its release and many top esports organizations have begun gearing up to compete in the brand new competitive scene.

With the competition ready to begin later this year, let's take a look at everything we know about Valorant First Strike.

Valorant First Strike Tournament Structure

Valorant First Strike will feature region-based competitions for the first year. Staging a world championship will be difficult in the times of COVID-19, and it's considerably easier for esports such as League of Legends that have an established scene.

The competition will being with qualifier events that are organized by third-party organizations. These qualifiers will produce the top eight teams from each region. Those teams will get participate in the Valorant First Strike Finals, which is produced by Riot Games. The winner of each First Strike Finals will be considered the champions of their region.

Valorant First Strike Tournament Prize Pool

While the official prize pool has not yet been announced, it is expected to be a substantial amount of money. The Ignition series already paid out over a million dollars and League of Legends features some of the biggest prize pools in esports history.

Valorant First Strike Tournament Schedule

Valorant First Strike will kick off in October with the qualifiers. After teams battle it out, the finals for each region will take place from Dec. 3-6.