Valorant Flames in My Veins Spray: How to Claim

Courtesy of Riot Games
Courtesy of Riot Games /

Everyone loves to have fun cosmetics in games, and Valorant is no different. Cosmetics are even more fun, however, when they are completely free. That is why many are clamoring to get the new Flames in My Veins player spray in Valorant.

This new Phoenix spray is available now for fans to receive, and it can be added to an inventory completely free of charge.

Valorant Flames in My Veins Spray: How to Claim

There is one easy and quick way to receive the newest spray to enter the game, and it is simply done with email and Amazon. Linking a player's Valorant account with their Amazon Prime account, players will be able to receive this new spray, as well as any other new cosmetics that come out in partnership with Amazon.

This spray, along with any of the other cosmetics that could be gained in Valorant by linking these two accounts can be done quick and easy after verifying both accounts. Players would also gain access to past rewards as well if they link a full account. Players are free to experience this spray and all of the cosmetics offered from Amazon in Valorant by linking their account, which can be done on Riot's website.