Valorant Fracture Release Date: When is it?

Courtesy of Riot Games
Courtesy of Riot Games /

After being announced last week, Fracture, Valorant's new map coming with the next act update, has been the talk of the community. The incredibly unique layout and gimmick of the map will be very interesting to handle for players, as this map does something never seen in Valorant before.

Spawning the defense in the middle of the map and the offense on either side, it remains to be seen how much this can impact the way the game will be played. While the map has been divisive among the player base, players are excited to test it out.

Valorant Fracture Release Date: When is it?

The new map will be dropped into players' hands on Sept. 8, along with all of the new content that is to come with the Reflection Act 2 update. It will be placed into its own playlist for a time to allow players to get used to the map and play it in a more casual setting. After that testing period, Fracture will be placed into both unrated and competitive queues as a full member of the map pool.

Fans are very excited to try out the new map along with the rest of the content launching alongside it. Reactions of the public to playing the map will have to wait until Sept. 8 to jump in to matches, but in under 24 hours all of Reflection Act 2 will be available in Valorant.