Valorant Free Player Card: How to Claim

The new Duality player card is now available for players to claim.
The new Duality player card is now available for players to claim. / Photo by Riot Games

Alongside a new cinematic that dropped May 30, Valorant announced a special free player card that could be claimed via a code. The Duality cinematic explored the canon and lore of the Valorant universe, focusing on how and why Agents can face off against one another, and helped to flesh out the existing universe of the game. However, for those who aren't so interested in the nitty gritty of the lore, and just want a new player card, don't worry. Claiming the card is a easy matter, just so long as you follow our guide.

Valorant Free Player Card: How to Claim

In order to claim the Duality player card, players just need a Riot Games account, the redeemable code, and they should be set. Here's the specific steps that players need to follow in order to claim the player card.

  1. Go to
  2. Sign into your Riot Games account with your username and password
  3. After that, enter the code YTILAUD (It says a 12 digit code is required, ignore this)
  4. From there, your claim should be successful, and the next time you load into Valorant, you should be able to select your new Duality player card.

While the steps to claim the card are straightforward, the influx of users trying to claim the card has provided trouble to others in the same position. The Duality player card was originally supposed to be a 48-hour exclusive card, but after several issues were reported by players attempting to enter the code and claim the card, Valorant announced they were waiving the 48-hour time period.

If you do encounter issues when attempting to claim the player card, just keep trying; eventually, you should be able to get through. From there, feel free to equip the player card in Valorant, and show off your new lore knowledge to all your friends in Valorant.