Valorant Ion 2022 Bundle Revealed

Riot Games, @ValorLeaks

One of the more popular skinlines released for Valorant is making its grand return. Valorant players will not have to wait for long to equip the second batch of the fan-favorite Ion skins.

Valorant Ion 2022 Bundle Revealed

Confirming recent rumors from leakers Riot Games has announced that the popular Ion series of skins will return to Valorant this week. The skin which made its debut in Nov. 2020 became a household name for the Valorant community. Players can purchase the Ion 2.0 weapons bundle starting Oct. 18 to coincide with the launch of Episode 5 Act 3. The Ion 2.0 bundle will include five weapon skins and three color variations.

Ion 2.0 Weapon Skins

  • Vandal
  • Ares
  • Spectre
  • Frenzy
  • Karambit Melee

Ion 2.0 Color Variations

  • Blue and white
  • Green and black
  • Yellow and red

The price for each of the weapon skins is expected to be 1,775 Valorant points per skin while the melee weapon skin for the Karambit will likely be 3,550 Valorant points. There is no official price for the bundle or individual weapons as of now. since The Ion 2.0 bundle will likely be a premium collection so Valorant players should be prepared to spend a bit extra. Being a free-to-play game most players have become use to Riot charging a pretty-penny for in-game cosmetics.

Riot Games has been busy in recent weeks with the announcement of the new agent Harbor and the beginning of a major UI revamp. There is certainly enough content to keep players busy this upcoming holiday season.