Valorant Jett Trick Propels Agents Into Air

When using her Updraft, Jett can propel other agents into the air.
When using her Updraft, Jett can propel other agents into the air. / Photo courtesy of Riot Games

A new Valorant Jett trick propels agents into the air.

Despite still being in closed beta, players on Valorant servers are finding even more ways to utilize each agent's creative skill sets.

Jett, one of the three current Duelist agents, relies on her agility and mobility to navigate maps more quickly than most. The South Korean fighter is all about movement, often utilizing her teleportation dash to rapidly evade gunfights or catch her enemies by surprise. Additionally, with the ability to situate herself in obscure locations above typical head height, Jett always has the positional advantage on her opponents. You can read more on about how to play Jett from our guide.

Nonetheless, yesterday, a few players were experimenting with Jett and her Updraft ability to propel her teammates into the air.

Valorant Jett Trick

Originally uploaded by Reddit user 'jiffyplsnowhiffy', the video showcases different agents "bouncing" off Jett after coming into contact with her head. A slight boost is given to these players, allowing them to transcend objects in the game otherwise not thought possible.

As noted in the video, precise timing and hopping is tricky, although, when done correctly, will send agents flying across bomb sites. Jett needs to activate her Updraft as soon as the incoming player touches her.

It is not known whether this was an intended mechanic by Riot Games, although from the looks of its quirkiness, don't expect to see Jett aiding any ascending teammates when the game launches this summer.