Valorant Just Business Spray: How to Claim

Photo Courtesy of Riot Games

The Just Business spray is Valorant's newest Amazon Prime Gaming monthly reward. Just Business features a hatless Cypher in a business suit with a red arrow pointing up. "HODL" stands for hold for deal life, a term used in investing. For people invested in stocks or cryptocurrency, this spray might hit home.

Prime rewards are given out every month by connecting your Amazon prime account to your Valorant account. Each month's reward is exclusive and cannot be redeemed after the month is over. If you're interested in your stocks going up, make sure to redeem this spray within the month!

Valorant Just Business Spray: How to Claim

In order to earn this month's prime reward, all you have to do is have your Amazon prime account connected to your Valorant account. Navigate to the prime gaming home page and look for Valorant. Click the claim button. If this is your first time, follow the instructions to connect your accounts. If you have already done this then you should now have a hatless Cypher spray waiting for you next time you log in.

The next time you hop on Valorant you'll have to equip your new spray in your collection.